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Fortitude Skis | Tech
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SKI Technology

We hold our skis to the highest of standards and vow to improve not only our own technology but also challenge that of the industry

Fortitude is at the forefront of designing and incorporating modern technology into all of our skis. Our innovation is illustrated by our cutting edge product details, from our meticulously designed ski shapes to the hand selected materials that go into them. We dedicate ourselves to the most sustainable practices in all aspects of our manufacturing, starting from materials used and finishing with effective waste management.

Our ski designs go through rigorous testing and the quality of our materials is demonstrated through our superior durability of our final product.


Early Rise

The early bird gets the worm and the early rise gets the POW. Early rise provides extra power and flotation through the deep powder or crud of the backcountry while the traditional camber underfoot maintains excellent control when you decide its time to dig trenches on the hard-pack. Instead of simply plowing through snow, the point at which the ski makes contact with the snow is further towards the center, lifting the tips above the surface. Get your weight out of the back seat and drive your hips forward!

True Twin-tip

True twin delivers high performance not only while in drive but also when you throw it in reverse. This fully symmetrical balanced design allows for equal spin balance and less torsional rigidity.


Commonly known as Meat-hucking. Our charging design gets you down the mountain straight and fast. With zero to slightly reversed camber and super stiff core, this particular design is not meant for the light of heart. Hold on!


The Propeller design includes two more directional side-cut points than previous traditional ski shapes. This shape allows for both easier turn initiation and execution regardless of the snow conditions. It works for you when deciding to mix up the tracks you’re laying down. From cowboy turns with ski school to figure eights and backside slashes on the big mountain. This ‘Propeller’ design sets you up to enjoy the perfect Pow skiing stance as your narrower tip and wider shovel keep you afloat whilst the snow passes right off your tapered tail.

Reverse Camber

Whether you are buttering in the backcountry or knuckle dragging the corduroy, the experience is truly unrivaled with ultimate pivi0t maneuverability. This fully harmonized design provides the ultimate deep Pow skiing experience, regardless of the direction you choose to ski. Take it to the front side and throw them on the rails to makes some graceful arcs.

Relative Dimensioning

The proportions of the ski are scaled relatively to the variation in length in order to maintain consistent skiing style and performance for that ski across the offered lengths. This is imperative in guaranteeing that the performance and experience on each specific ski type is congruent with what it was designed to be.


All of our cores start off as a combination of vertically laminated wood blends. They are then planed to precision dependent of the particular ski and its flex pattern. Our wood core is the foundation of our skis and is a lead determinate in our skis upholding our “bullet proof” durability standard.

Our wood blend largely contains Poplar, an equally sustainable wood as bamboo, yet more durable in occasions of water intrusion. All of our wood comes exclusively from North American Forest harvested by sustainable American companies that are both Endorsement of Forest Certified (PEFC) and adhere to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. What does this mean? That for every tree cut another one is planted which in turn pledges promise to future generations.

The bottom line is we want to continue to build skis and enjoy winter.


So here’s the deal with our bases. Like our other materials, we solely use North American made P-Tex material. When possible, we order excess made P-Tex material. Larger companies will place a large order of material but not take all of it. If we did not ‘adopt’ this abandoned material, it would ultimately be sent to the incinerator. This way we can work to offset the waste of the entire industry and bring you a variation of awesomely random colors.


Our sidewall is made up UHMW, which is more resistant to cracking than ABS. UHMW not only holds the greatest impact strength of any thermoplastic but also possesses an enormous amount of abrasion resistance. Regardless of it costing and taking more work to use in ski manufacturing, the lasting result is worth it.


Each pair of our skis contains a series of rubber foils tactically positioned throughout the construction of the skis. This system of rubber dampens the ski to reduce clatter, particularly at high speeds.

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